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Choosing the wrong supplier for your precision metal stamping needs is costly. Partner with Die-Matic to experience our:

Cost & Deadline Management

We keep your projects on time and on budget.

Competitive Pricing & Value

We strive to exceed your expectations.

Expertise & Capabilities

We have the equipment and experience to produce metal-stamped parts and assemblies for a wide range of jobs.

Focus On Quality

We continuously focus on quality and improvement.

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Why Choose Die-Matic as Your Metal Stampings Partner

Choosing Die-Matic as your metal stamping partner ensures peace of mind. We’ll deliver exceptional-quality precision metal stamping, prototyping and progressive tool and die services at competitive prices. As a result, you’ll be able to create industry-leading products for your most discerning buyers.

Die-Matic has thrived for more than 60 years by delivering on our promises. We know the pitfalls you face when choosing a provider, and we’re committed to becoming your partner of choice for all of your metal stamping needs.

High-quality parts

Each part is manufactured to meet your rigorous standards.


We ensure you stay on time and on budget.

People who care

Our talented staff is committed to your success thanks to our ESOP (employee stock ownership program).

Innovative solutions

The extensive capabilities and expertise we have under one roof allow you to stand out from the competition.

  • Annual volumes as small as 5,000
  • Quality assurance on every job
  • Stamping, welding, coating and assembly
  • Extensive engineering expertise


Our Proven Process

Step 1

Request a Quote: Submit details about your next project online or by calling us at 216-749-4656.

Step 2

Receive a Comprehensive Quote and Technical Analysis: Within 10 business days of submitting your quote request, you’ll receive a detailed quote along with a feasibility of the print or manufacturability of the part itself.

Step 3

Experience the Value and Expertise of Die-Matic: During every step of your project, our in-house team will provide support – from pre-production engineering and technical expertise to quality assurance that ensures you receive exactly what you ordered, on time and on budget.

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We’ll quickly respond to your request and deliver a comprehensive quote within 10 business days.

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