A precision metal stamping partner does much more than the average supplier. While a supplier looks to get the job done, a partner works to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations across the board, from tooling to stamping to prototyping. Consolidating your manufacturing with a single precision metal stamping partner can give you instant access to many convenient services that can help ensure quality, longevity and performance of parts beyond standard stamping, such as:

1. Assembly

A full-service precision stamping provider will have the equipment, expertise and personnel to not only stamp metal but also fully assemble parts to your specifications. If you’re currently receiving parts from a metal stamping supplier and then assembling them in-house or transporting them to a separate vendor for assembly, finding one precision metal stamping partner that does it all can eliminate the extra steps, improve reliability and possibly save you money in the process.

2. Welding

Established metal stamping companies like Die-Matic can deliver precision welded assemblies as well. Whether your product manufacturing calls for spot, resistance, MIG or TIG welding, we’ve made the equipment investments and hired expert welders to turn our stampings into durable, quality welded parts, with no middle vendor in between. Knowing you have precision stamping, assembly and welding services under one roof with one partner can allow you to focus less on logistics and more on your business and customers.

3. Heat Treating

Some metal stampings can benefit from – or may have customer requirements for – heat treatment. There are different types and purposes of heat treatment, such as tempering metal for flexibility or annealing it to improve ductility, but they all tie back to the main goal of altering the metal’s properties for better performance. Between the permanence of and the precision needed for heat treatment, entrusting stamped parts to secondary heat-treating companies adds a layer of risk for compromised quality. A one-stop shop can alleviate those concerns.

4. Anodizing

Anodizing aluminum helps to reduce corrosion while creating the visual appeal of a metallic appearance. It also enables crisp, smooth, repeatable colors. Choosing a metal stamping partner that provides prototyping can mean the difference between integrating anodizing into a streamlined production process vs. having to ship parts to an additional anodizing supplier after stamping. Once again, the latter adds another isolated step in the process, which equates to risks involving both logistics and quality.

5. Coatings

If you’ve already invested in a specific coating line for your products, it might not make sense to transfer that responsibility to your stamping provider. However, if that’s not the case, ask your stamping partner about finishing options. Leading precision stamping companies have a variety of coatings that can enhance any combination of aesthetics, resistance and performance. Stamping and coating go hand in hand, making them the ideal combination to consolidate with one supplier for greater efficiency in production.

6. Zinc Plating

One of the best ways to make metal more resistant to corrosion – and in turn, extend its lifespan by years or even decades – is zinc plating. Like anodizing, zinc plating also comes in different colors. For a metal stamping company with zinc plating in its repertoire, applying a thin extra coating of zinc onto stamped parts is a relatively easy and cost-effective value-added service. Plating can be done before or after stamping, depending on the use case and requirements.

7. Teflon

Consumers know and love Teflon® for its non-stick, temperature-resistant and long-lasting qualities in cookware. The popular coating is also integral in many other industrial applications including automotive, construction, medical devices, electronics and more. If your production entails Teflon-coated stampings, the right partner will be able to deliver the completed coated parts rather than stampings that must later go to a Teflon coating services company.

Simplify Your Supply Chain

Value-added services from a full-service metal stamping partner help boil down your production logistics. Whether it’s assembly, welding, coating or any of the other services mentioned above, getting more from your metal stamping provider can lead to labor savings, logistics efficiencies and smoother operations all around for your business. Learn more about what to look for in a precision metal stamping partner and discover the many ways Die-Matic can add value to your production program. Request a quote today.