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We all know that price tends to be the most compelling factor when choosing a precision metal stamping partner. However, the right provider will deliver a lot more than just a great price – and often will save you time and money in the long run. The right manufacturer will act as a partner, providing expertise and support before, during and after project implementation. Ultimately, they will deliver precise metal stamped products on time and on budget – every time.

The Right Precision Metal Stamping Manufacturer Delivers Value Beyond The Part

Finding the right partner can be challenging and selecting the wrong manufacturer can lead to costly delays, pricing surprises and quality issues. On the contrary, a strong metal stamping partner will deliver value beyond the part. Here are a few key characteristics to look for before sending your next RFQ for precision metal stamping work:

  • Experience: Make sure the provider has done similar projects before and understands your industry. Ask their current customers how they’ve performed in the past.
  • Credibility: Make sure the provider has all applicable accreditations. Conduct a quality audit to check procedures, documentation and certifications.
  • Capability: Anyone with a press can stamp metal, but a full-service provider does much more. The provider must be able to meet your capacity needs and have the equipment (i.e., a variety of press tonnage and assembly options) required to execute jobs with precision. You should ensure they have experience working with the metals involved in your project – not everyone is capable of correctly stamping diverse materials like stainless steel and aluminum. See if they offer in-house capabilities, including prototyping and engineering services that ensure the job is done correctly and can resolve design challenges or other issues before they become expensive problems. Also ask whether they can add value in other ways (e.g., Can they provide welding and machining services?).
  • Scalability: The right provider can simplify your supply chain by offering a range of services you can grow to count on – fewer suppliers mean fewer headaches.
  • Reliability: Will they deliver on time and on budget? Will a press failure derail your project? Make sure the provider has an in-house tool room to maintain dies to spec. Also ask whether the provider is outsourcing or otherwise reliant on a third party and whether they have backups to address any possible problem that arises.

Value Goes Beyond Price-Per-Piece or Total Cost

When it comes to precision metal stamping, the highest priority is producing the product exactly as the customer designed it. That means hitting precise tolerances and following the print as it was approved. It also means addressing challenges right away rather than overpromising and under-delivering. An experienced provider can spot issues with designs, explain and document concerns and work with you to find a solution before it goes into production.

In other words, the right precision metal stamping provider will act as a partner who’s passionate about doing the job right and is backed by an experienced team that makes it happen.

Costly Corner-Cutting

Taking the lowest bid and hoping for the best outcome can be very expensive. Choosing the wrong precision metal stamping partner can set your operations back and waste time and money. Here are some common pitfalls:

  • Failure or inability to make a part to print due to a lack of expertise or inexperience with certain designs or metals
  • Inability to reliably hit production needs on time
  • Logistics and delivery issues
  • Dishonest metal stampers will sometimes take a job and hope they can figure it out along the way; this can cause production delays and disrupt your supply chain
  • Pricing surprises caused by underestimating a project
  • Lack of value-added services leading to more steps and more suppliers

Ensuring It’s Done Right

Once you know what to look for, finding a precision metal stamping manufacturer who acts like a partner will be obvious even before they take on your first job. Here’s an example of how this process might look when it’s done right:

  • The provider carefully evaluates your proposal, honestly determines if they can do create the part to spec and provides a fair, accurate quote
  • They answer any questions you have and demonstrate that they meet all your certification and accreditation needs
  • Prior to starting, they will ensure the CAD design and 3D print match; they may even suggest a better way to make the part that could save money, simplify production or ensure viability
  • They will act with urgency, preparing for your project as possible, even before getting a 3D model
  • They’ll deliver one-stop shopping that simplifies your supply chain by adding services such as in-house technical advice, welding, machining and prototyping

Let’s Talk About Your Next Metal Stamping Project

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