In precision metal stamping, every detail matters. One miscalculation or oversight can have significant consequences on the final product. At Die-Matic, we understand how important the details are, and their impact on the quality and functionality of the parts we stamp. That’s why we have seasoned industry experts like Ken Hartwig, Vice President of Engineering, leading our team of trained engineers and certified tool and die makers to ensure every detail is accounted for.

As a journeyman tool and die maker with a college degree, Ken has excelled throughout his career, including as a designer and project engineer in high-volume operations en route to his VP of Engineering role at Die-Matic. In this brief Q&A, Ken shares his insights and expertise on the importance of meticulous attention to detail in metal stamping. From identifying key indicators of quality to common oversights made by metal stampers, Ken’s knowledge, advice and willingness to share his experiences illustrate why Die-Matic is a trusted precision metal stamping partner to countless customers across the many different markets we serve.

Why is it important to recognize and scrutinize details in precision metal stamping?

Understanding details is crucial in metal stamping due to the precision involved. Metal stamping requires tight dimensional tolerances, often as small as a strand of human hair. Failing to understand the details can lead to challenges in manufacturing consistent parts. Both the metal stamper and the customer must comprehend the dimensional requirements and the part’s intended usage. Neglecting these aspects can result in difficulties and hinder the success of a metal stamping project.

When vetting a metal stamping company, what details should businesses focus on?

It’s helpful to examine a metal stamping company’s track record and the variation of parts they have produced. These aspects demonstrate the company’s versatility in handling specific components. Additionally, assessing the responsiveness and professionalism of different teams, such as the engineering team, during visits can provide insights into their dedication and expertise. An organized and clean shop reflects attention to detail and professionalism. The presence of a quality room equipped with competent machinery and properly organized gauges is another crucial indicator of a meticulous metal stamping company.

What are some common details that metal stampers overlook?

Metal stampers often overlook details when they lack experience with specific components or stamping processes. Underquoting jobs due to a lack of understanding can make it challenging to deliver on promises made up front. It’s important to comprehend the intricacies involved, such as specific treatments or coatings, to avoid increased maintenance costs or premature wear on parts. For example, overestimating strokes per minute can lead to issues like die burnout, requiring slower production speeds.

How does the presence of idle stations in a tool impact quality and cost-effectiveness?

Idle stations in a tool are essential for flexibility and optimizing part production. Some companies focus on reducing tooling costs by eliminating idle stations, but this limits their ability to achieve desired quality and productivity levels. Including idle stations allows for future adjustments or additions to improve part production. While it may require additional upfront investment, incorporating idle stations enhances part quality and operation efficiency, resulting in long-term benefits.

How do technology, machinery and tools ensure precision in the stamping process?

Technology, machinery and tools all play crucial roles in maintaining precision in the stamping process. Precise engineering during the tool design stage is vital. Additionally, the service team’s expertise and criteria for servicing ensure that the tool functions optimally. The toolmaker’s skills are crucial in fine-tuning the tool and refining its performance. Die-Matic utilizes precise measuring tools, such as calibrated micrometers and CMMs, to verify dimensions. Advanced CNC and wire EDM capabilities enable machining within tight tolerances. Die-Matic’s probing system further ensures accuracy during the machining process.

How is Die-Matic positioned to evolve and remain competitive?

We recognize the importance of embracing new technologies and investing in innovation, as demonstrated by the acquisition of a 220-ton servo press and other advanced equipment. Die-Matic’s commitment to staying ahead and exploring new possibilities is supported by ownership and senior management. The leadership team fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration, ensuring competitiveness in the evolving manufacturing landscape.

What additional measures does Die-Matic take in quality assurance?

Die-Matic not only meets industry standards but also exceeds them. In addition to ISO 9001 certification, the company is IATF 16949 certified, demonstrating its commitment to automotive requirements. Annual audits and adherence to IATF 16949 standards ensure ongoing quality assurance and improvement. Die-Matic constantly seeks ways to enhance processes and efficiency, and as a result, provides our customers with confidence and trust that they’re getting quality parts beyond the standards of industry benchmarks.

What should customers look for in a precision metal stamping company?

It’s all about developing a partnership rather than simply completing a single job. Open communication and collaborative problem-solving are key reasons why Die-Matic is recognized for its approach and willingness to help customers achieve success. Strong partnerships are marked by trust and transparency, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.

Why Die-Matic?

At Die-Matic, we understand that precision metal stamping requires extreme attention to detail to deliver uncompromising quality. We take pride in our seasoned team of experts, our state-of-the-art technology and our commitment to exceeding industry standards.

With our advanced certifications, rigorous quality assurance processes and a culture of continuous improvement, we ensure that every part we produce surpasses the highest benchmarks. Our dedication to precision and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner in many markets requiring precision metal stamped parts.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable metal stamping company to bring your innovative designs to life or seeking a collaborative partner to optimize your production processes, Die-Matic is here to assist. Don’t settle for anything less than precision and excellence. Contact us today to discuss your project, ask questions or request a quote.