When you’re partnering with a trusted precision metal stamping company like Die-Matic, quality management protects your business, brand, product and customers all at once. Aside from the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re getting the best quality precision metal stamped parts for your assembly, you’re far less likely to be impacted by costly downtime and maintenance when quality management is in place. With greater precision and less scrap, your metal stamping provider can also provide competitive pricing for the parts and quantities that you need.

While quality management is easy to tout and even easier to preach, implementing and maintaining it requires attention to detail through every step of the process, every minute of every working day. In precision metal stamping, true quality management involves and entails the following:

Questions & Checklists

Through in-depth discussions, we seek to gain a comprehensive understanding of your part’s fit, form, function and requirements. At Die-Matic, we employ the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) framework, which starts by identifying your needs and developing checklists for manufacturing, monitoring and managing quality throughout the production process. Although investing time into asking questions and creating checklists may appear to slow down the ordering process, it establishes a solid foundation for accelerated production and reliable precision. As an International Automotive Task Force (IATF) certified precision metal stamping company, Die-Matic consistently meets the stringent quality requirements of the automotive industry, among many other markets we serve.

Process, Procedures & People

Once we have the necessary information and documentation in place, we begin designing the manufacturing process, which consists of many individual processes such as stamping, welding, cleaning, deburring, plating, coating and more. Our cross-functional team includes many skilled workers who have been with Die-Matic for decades, giving us and our customers the advantage of continuity and experience. New hires receive thorough training and 30/60/90-day reviews to get them up to speed with the tenured team. Each person at each station knows and does what it takes to ensure quality metal-stamped parts. We hold each other accountable and work in lockstep with the mantra that quality is everyone’s job.

Quality at the Source

In our precision metal stamping operations, we emphasize quality at the source. Instead of relying on roving inspectors who naturally tend to take on the appearance of process police officers, we empower our operators to take ownership of the quality of their work. They’re trained to set up the inspection and approval processes, perform in-process checks and monitor the production line for any issues. With the jurisdiction to catch and address potential quality concerns, our operators are the first line of defense in ensuring that only the highest quality parts reach our customers. While regular shop audits are necessary for confirmation, quality at the source minimizes the risk of producing defective parts to begin with and fosters a culture of accountability, workmanship and pride.

Challenges & Solutions

Any manufacturing process will inherently bring a degree of problem-solving and troubleshooting. At Die-Matic, we embrace challenges as opportunities to deliver solutions. We’re not afraid to push the limits of metal stamping, because we know we have the personnel, systems and processes in place to maintain quality. By thoroughly understanding the requirements, meticulously designing the process and equipping our team for success, we excel in quality management for precision metal stamped parts.

Whether your assembly requires us to leverage secondary operations, partner with external vendors for specialized processes or explore alternative materials, we will hold ourselves to the highest standards and work to provide precision metal stamped parts that meet – or better yet, exceed – your expectations. See why we’re the precision metal stamping partner of choice and request a quote today.