Helping our customers succeed means giving them an advantage in the market. One way we do that is through continuous improvement to increase efficiencies and provide manufacturing flexibility. As a demonstration of our commitment, we recently invested in a new AIDA DFS-N2-2000 direct servo forming press. We feel that investing in new equipment is an investment in our customers. This new press provides flexibility, efficiency, and environmental benefits.

Wielding 220 tons of force, this versatile press gives us added flexibility with part stamping. A traditional press moves up and down (stroke) in one set way with the same force and speed each time. This new press has a working stroke close to ten inches, but it is infinitely adjustable down to one inch and has adjustable cycle speed – referred to as a pendulum motion. The force and speed can be adjusted throughout each stroke, even stopping briefly, allowing us more control for creating complex shapes. This is customizable on a job-by-job basis, and once optimized, it is stored as a recipe to ensure repeatability for all future runs. Plus, it wastes less energy, making it a more environmentally friendly machine.

The new press allows us flexibility to perform complex projects with ease. For example, some challenging parts have issues with spring back (when the material tries to return to its original position after being bent). With this press, we can program a double or triple hit near the bottom of the press stroke to overcome spring back, which, if not mitigated, could affect the part’s dimensional accuracy. Another use is for parts requiring deep coin displacements. They may be struck multiple times to ease the metal into an accurate final shape and size with no deformations or deviations that may otherwise occur. Additionally, we can also explore other opportunities for the press, including briefly halting a cycle for in-die assembly and inspections, opening more possibilities and greater efficiency in our processes.

The  flexibility, adaptability, and best-of-all-worlds in press-working brings many benefits that ultimately benefit our customers:

  • It makes better-quality parts more efficient.
  • It expands possibilities for part designs.
  • It saves energy by using only the needed force and speed.

Partner With a Company That’s Investing in Your Future

To provide our customers with the best experience, we know we must invest to advance our processes. By purchasing this new press, we are demonstrating our desire to help our customers remain competitive. With our commitment to quality, dependability, and customer service, we can provide you with innovative manufacturing solutions and high-quality parts. Contact us to learn more.