Our Metal Stamping Equipment

Consistency, accuracy and reliability are all critical elements of high-quality metalworking. That’s why Die-Matic uses the best metal stamping presses in the industry – as well as precise quality assurance and measurement tools that ensure every job is done to meet your exact specifications. Here’s a list of all our metal stamping equipment.

Our Metal Stamping Equipment

Large Metal Stamping Presses

Nidec Minster is the gold standard of metal stamping presses, and we only use Minster automatic presses at Die-Matic. This allows for exceptional reliability and consistency for jobs requiring 300 – 1,000 tons.

Our Metal Stamping Equipment

Small Metal Stamping Presses

Our in-house small metal stamping presses expand our capabilities and allow us to execute a wide variety of jobs from 30 – 200 tons.

Our Metal Stamping Equipment

Value-Added Processes

Die-Matic can help engineer parts and ensure exceptional quality of metal stampings and complex assemblies with a suite of value-added tools:

  • Resistance welders/spot welding
  • MIG welders
  • Coating/painting devices
  • Deburr 
  • Light Assembly 
  • Tapping, staking & riveting
  • Power wash
Our Metal Stamping Equipment


Our CAD and CAM software allow us to quickly and accurately assist in the design and build of your parts as well as assemblies.

Our Metal Stamping Equipment

Quality Lab Equipment

Die-Matic is committed to meeting industry quality standards and uses the following systems and devices to ensure precision:

  • Coordinate-measuring machine
  • Micro-Vu precision measuring
  • Attribute & variable gages
  • Advanced product quality planning
  • Gage calibration systems
  • Material traceability
  • Mistake proofing
  • Continuous improvement
  • Layered product audits
Our Metal Stamping Equipment

Progressive Tooling

Die-Matic is capable of building and maintaining our own dies with all engineering changes done in-house.


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