Why Choose Die-Matic for Metal Stamping in Ohio?

We don’t just supply parts; we supply solutions. Those are words we live by here at Die-Matic Corp. We’ve been delivering services for precision metal stamping in Ohio and worldwide since 1958. But we like to go above and beyond that for our customers. If you’ve been experiencing problems with your production processes, we’ll work tirelessly to find the solution that will save your parts and your money. Whether you need a high volume of standard metal components, low-volume production for highly customized parts, or anything in between, we have the capabilities to deliver.

Industries We Work With

At Die-Matic, we like to stay versatile. Whatever your industry and whatever your needs, we aim to deliver the best precision metal stampings in Ohio. That being said, we do have experience in a few key industries including:

Metal Stamping in Ohio
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Consumer Goods & Electronics
  • Medical
  • Alternative Energy
  • Mining
  • Military & Defense

Our Precision Metal Stamping Capabilities

Our presses range from small to large, and our volume capabilities span from the low to the high. In other words, we’re here to be your metal manufacturing partner now and in the future with custom metal solutions that scale.

Metal Stamping in Ohio

Contract Mfg.

Press Rating
30-1,000 tons

Bed Sizes
24” – 168”

Stock Width
0.250” – 60”

Stock Thickness
0.010” – 0.875”


Low to High

We’re also experienced in working with a long list of diverse materials, including but not limited to:


Stainless Steel


Galvanized HSLA


Experience the Die-Matic Difference for Precision Metal Stamping in Ohio

Are you ready to partner with a versatile supplier of precision metal stampings in Ohio? We are an ISO 9001 and IATF 6949-certified metal manufacturer—we are currently working towards the ISO 14001 as well—that is ready to meet your highest expectations.

Die-Matic Corporation

Die-Matic combines in-house technical expertise with a wide array of innovative solutions to deliver metal stampings, die & tooling, and prototyping services.

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