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When you partner with Die-Matic, you gain flexibility. We can handle a wide range of job sizes and have many precision metal stamping, tool and die, welding and assembly capabilities to produce exactly what you need. Since 1958, our experience, expertise and certifications allow us to work across industries and deliver high-quality parts at competitive prices.

Automotive Precision Metal Components

 We manufacture precision metal stamped vehicle components for Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers in the automotive industry. We specialize in:


Ancillary Parts & Assemblies

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Construction Precision Metal Components

Our large panels help keep clean rooms in high-tech labs sterile while our extensive bracket-making capabilities can be applied across scores of products. We specialize in:


Clean Room Components

Chip Making Fabs

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Consumer Goods and Electronics

From speaker brackets to refrigerator parts, if you need a precision metal part, we can manufacture it. We specialize in:

HVAC Components

Appliances and Consumer Goods



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Medical Precision Metal Components

We have experience making high-quality, precision parts for a variety of medical applications including:

Medical Components

Sterile Assemblies

Implantable Devices

Medical Equipment

Disposable Devices

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Alternative and Green Energy

Get cost-effective brackets and components for sophisticated, state-of-the-art green infrastructure. We specialize in:

Brackets for Wind and Solar Energy

Bi-Polar Plates Plus Other Components for Fuel Cells and More

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We’re trusted by customers who need high-quality precision metal parts for the most rugged applications, including those in:



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Military and Defense

We manufacture parts that are trusted to help equip and protect the most demanding customers. We specialize in:

Vehicle Components

Weaponry Components


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Die-Matic Corporation

Die-Matic combines in-house technical expertise with a wide array of innovative solutions to deliver metal stampings, die & tooling, and prototyping services.

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